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Thread: MWP So Far....

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    Ron can play SF as long as Earl is out there with him. Then you have 2 guys that are interchangeable when it comes to guarding the 3-4 positions. Earl being out there also makes our P n R defense a lot better. The one thing I want to see from Earl (especially if he is going to be playing heavy mins at the 4) is for him to work on his defensive rebounding/boxing out. He has to be able to hold his own in that category.

    But as everyone else is saying, a front court of Ron-Earl-Dwight is pretty damn good. Solid on ball defense, good athleticism and the best defensive center in the league. We have long had trouble defending the p n r but this trio may actually end that nonsense.

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    Outside of Kobe, Metta's been our most consistent player all year long. He has been a true warrior all year and brings his "A" game every single game. My favorite thing about him is his effort defensively. The guy can guard multiple positions and has a knack for making great steals at critical times.

    Bring Back the Zen Master.

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    Quote Originally Posted by It's Maaaaaagic View Post
    AMAZING to me that in addition to 4 sure hall of famers, MWP (who just may be an HOF in his own right) is having a GREAT season, and yet inexplicably this team can't break 500.
    When they'll decide to play defense, they'll break it

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