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Thread: Wolves @ Mavs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twolves View Post
    Those are the best. You should try watching that while listening to the Clippers announcers mispronounce, "Shved," over and over and over again.


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    I disagree somewhat. Our biggest issue in the last few games have been lack of defense: transition, half court or otherwise. We are shooting a bad percentage - true, but we are still scoring enough points - I guess the higher pace of play can account to that. Where we have been successful this year is when we play at a slow pace and play good defense - and we haven't done either in the last handful of games. I agree that the allstar version of Love makes us much better, but the worst-than-David-Lee version we have seen this season doesn't help our cause any on either end.

    PSD Grammar Lesson #1:

    a) their - stands for "belonging to them"
    b) there - means "over there" as in location
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    our defense has been bad because of missed shots.

    when in a set defense after the other teams point guard walks past ridnour our rotations have been for the most part solid. (AK DC)

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    Cunningham on playing more minutes: “That can affect your shooting. It’s a different feeling after four or five games at 30+ minutes, your legs do feel different. I’m used to 25 minutes a game, and it’s just an adjustment. I need to make the adjustment quicker.”
    No, Derrick Williams needs to start, and Cunningham to play his usual role.

    On that matter, I would start Rubio(keeping his 20-25 min total) At least he would defend against likes of Tony Parker or Grievies Vasquez, who feasted against Ridnour. And bring Barea off the bench, he's clearly better than Ridnour, especially now when we need more offense. Ridnour could back up Shved at 2, the guy really can't play that much minutes, it's affecting his shot and defense and playmaking.

    I would play


    Or even


    to balance it out more, Shved is probably better off playing against bench guys. We could also save his energy to play in the 4th quarters. He used to be our best 4th quarter performer.

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