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    Oct 2011

    Post Give the Maloofs a chance! #FreeMaloofs #WeAreMaloofs


    To persuade the Maloof family to keep the Sacramento Kings in Sacramento, I think the PSD Sacramento Kings community should get together just like the city of Cleveland did and 'persuade' them to stay in Sacramento with our heavenly blessed singing talent.

    The song will be based on 'We are LeBron' by the city of Cleveland.

    "There comes a time, when a decision must be made.. Will the Maloofs, move on or will they stay? We're helplessly waiting, as we hold our breath in fear. Should we renew, our tickets for next year? PLEASE STAY MALOOFS, We really need you No bigger market's gonna love you half as much as we do, It's a choice you're making, will you go or will you stay.... What will we do with ARCO, if you move away? Just tell us bffs, what changes we must make, We'll rename every street 'Maloof' if that's what it takes.... Anaheim's overcrowded, Those people are unbearable, And don't forget, Seattle and Virginia beach are terrible.... PLEASE STAY MALOOFS, we really need you, No bigger market's gonna love you half as much as we do..."

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    Sacramento, Ca
    Only thing worse than the Maloofs is this thread, OP.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheRuckus View Post
    You can't spell Worley without W.

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    Because that song in Cleveland worked. We've given them all the chances in the world...

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