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    Best we pay him to never pitch for us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jomota View Post
    Didn't the Sawks pay $50 million just to talk to him???? Then pay him a salary on top of that.

    What a waste of $$$$.
    Yes. I believe the Mets submitted the second highest bid of around $32 million to talk to him.
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    Pass on him.

    There are plenty of warm bodies out there yet to be plucked. Situation is that you get what you pay for in general with starters.
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    Japan-based Sports Hochi reports the Mets are among the teams negotiating with right-hander Daisuke Matsuzaka. The newspaper, quoting a U.S.-based source, identifies the Cleveland Indians and Miami Marlins as the other teams in talks with Matsuzaka's reps.

    Mets insider disputed the report, however, saying he does not believe the organization has spoken with Matsuzaka "at all."

    The report adds that the San Diego Padres, Houston Astros and Japanese teams also have shown interest, but those two major league teams are not in current talks.

    "If it's possible, I want to stay with the Red Sox, but I think the possibility is almost zero," Matsuzaka told the newspaper in Japanese.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dugmet View Post
    Yes. I believe the Mets submitted the second highest bid of around $32 million to talk to him.
    They would have gotten the $$ back if they won the bid but he returned to Japan. Boras was never considering that a realistic option, though. The Japanese team that would have had to give the $50 mil back would have been a little miffed at Boras and he'd never be able to do anything like that with Japanese players ever again. The Sox had all the leverage to negotiate a smaller deal but they just didn't want to bother haggling, I guess.

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    Why not if it's a Minor League deal? I see it as the same low risk move as Chris Young, but we've seen Chris Young for two years here and he's done nothing special, not even average at best.

    If Dice-K is healthy at least he has the possibility to eat up 160+ innings. Whereas Young has zero shot to approach that number.

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