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    I love Kaitlyn...but loved her more in the outfits that were screaming wardrobe malfunction.
    The Knicks are back?

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    Okay first off, some of the flash backs had the blurred logo and some did not. I am sorry but that blurred logo has pissed me off for years and the fact you finally paid the wwf off and can use your footage with the attitude wwf logo and yet your too lazy to put together a new video package with the unblurred logo has me pissed off...

    The show itself 1 thing stood out, Kaitlyn had an amazing match and you could tell this chick wanted that title, what a viscous spear, really hope they turn Nattie heel and let them work.

    Foley and Flair were the surprises? I guess you can cancel the surprise part since we saw all them in the last 30 days. The fact foley didn't do anything but come out and run away makes me really happy Bret Hart didn't go to this show, what was his role? Introduce foley and run from the shield too?

    Jim Ross should have called this entire show, not 1 match, we had JBL all night?

    The cage match further destroyed Ziggler and I am a pro cena guy, I appreciate everything he does outside the ring, but man if they have him win the rumble and then beat the Rock at Mania it will be hard to watch.

    At this point does Ziggler even have money in the bank? Watching the show I thought okay, maybe cena does beat the rock at mania only for Ziggler to cash in and win the belt from Cena thus making this dreck we are watching right now worth it, then I remembered its for the world title not wwe title.

    The video packages besides the blurring was good, but I can watch any of that on youtube on there many shows, like are you serious?

    I hated the flair and miz stuff, I liked antonio got some time in the ring with Flair, but was then made to look like a fool, and man I hate the american flag and tights stuff he is doing.

    The opening with Vince and Show was hard to watch, the crowd was hot for this show and Del Rio got a nice pop but it just went down hill.

    I love the Rock but man can you say wellness? This dude looks like he did in 1999/2000. I am not complaining but it hurts the Punk/Rock matchup. Only reason that is compelling is because Punk is so damn talented and can make up for the size difference.

    This was by far an awful show, if it was a regular monday night raw it would get the thumbs in the middle. I really did like that spear from kaitlyn haha

    When does Brock, HHH, Taker return? Raw after rumble? Also with the rumors of planned surprises for the rumble I am starting to wonder if I shouldn't have my hopes up for anyone special..Jim Duggan again, Sgt Slaughter again, maybe tommy dreamer and shelton benjamin(would like both of them) but anyone thinking Jericho or Batista forget it.

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