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    Dave Concepcion eligible for the HoF

    The BBWAA have decided to not induct any of the steroid era players (even those not allegedly associated with steroids) into the Baseball HoF from the 2013 ballot. That means it will be up to the veterans committee if a player gets a plaque in Cooperstown this year.

    Somebody correct me if I am wrong, but Dave Concepcion should be eligible for induction via the veterans committee this year. Last time he was eligible was in 2011 and since he was not inducted that year he has to remain off the list for another year. Thus, he should be eligible again this year. I think it would be great to induct #13 in 2013. It would also be nice to see Davey follow right behind his protege' Barry Larkin.

    It would be a real shame if nobody gets inducted this year. A small community like Cooperstown really banks on the induction ceremony to boost their local economy. I made a promise to myself and personally to Dave Concepcion that if he ever makes into the HoF I will be there in Cooperstown to watch his induction. Even if I have to drive all night and sleep in my car, I will be there.
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    As awesome as it would be, it's an extremely slim chance he make it in.

    I agree, it's not fair to Cooperstown. however, so many of the big name players this year had steroid links, so I can see why they weren't elected in. however, next year, there are a lot of good players that are first year eligible. so there should be several players next year.

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