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    Quote Originally Posted by Chill_Will_24 View Post

    Very valid point. Gortat destroyed his ability around the basket in the Suns game. But just like VC, Brook is the type of player that at least gets you there.(playoffs)
    That's news to me since we have not made the playoffs with him yet since he has been a Net.

    Maybe you mean the comic book playoffs

    Quote Originally Posted by Max.This View Post
    Brooklyn isn't smoking noone's *** besides the line at the medicare office
    Sig bet with FriedTofuz or whatever his name is (I'm on my phone so it's too tedious to go find his exact name) that if the Nets lose to the Raptors I will delete my account and if the Raptors lose he will delete his (lol Raptors fans are so cute).

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    ^LOL you know what I mean, he's a useful regular season player.

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