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    Andre the Giant once fell asleep during a match with Big John Studd.
    Having read some of the Andre stuff.... Big John should be happy it only was falling asleep. He could have gotten "Bad News Browned"

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    man that list is old if it says taker is 14-0.

    and jericho naming his kid after evil dead? priceless
    30 Team Stadium Checklist: 10 to go

    1) Yankees 2) Orioles 3) Rays 4) Red Sox 5) Mets 6) Braves 7) Phillies 8) Nationals 9) Marlins 10) Pirates 11) Padres 12) Astros 13) Mariners 14) Twins 15) Cubs 16) White Sox 17) Cardinals 18) Indians 19) Tigers 20) Royals

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    The Mecca
    Yes how old is that list? lol... I knew Jake Roberts never won a belt and its sad that he didn't without him we wouldn't have stars like SCSA and Taker.
    Quote Originally Posted by Wrigheyes4MVP View Post

    This is the man you choose represent PWW and fight me for my PWW title?!?!?!

    This is going to be my easiest PWW match EVER!!!!

    I can't stop laughing at the thought of you making up your mind and deciding that Mbellz being your choice.

    This is going to be a piece of cake.

    12 - 15 - 13 The Day Mbellz killed the IWC and became The PWW Champion of The World

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