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    That would be a perfect scenario... Could really change the culture of the industry at this point.

    Rock (2003 Heel) & The Shield could be the Heel group, Punk could be on his own neither Heel or Face, kinda like he was around MITB in 2011, Cena & Ryback could stay the same

    But WWE doesn't have the guts to make it happen

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    WWE: What if Rock and Shield are together?

    I can see Brock or the rock being involved with them. But it's hard to turn rock heel like this since he's so over.
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    they aren't
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    Yea Rock going heel isn't happening... He can walk in the ring spit , walk out say **** the fans you stupid marks... And he would still get cheered
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    The Rock isn't around enough to go heel.

    The right move with the Shield is either to do the obvious (eventually reveal that they are working for Punk/Heyman)...


    My personal favorite story line would be to reveal that they are surprisingly working for Vince Mcmahon in some capacity.
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