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What kinds of tweaks, because if you just made it look like Win7, then it kind of defeats the purpose.
They dead a lot of under the hood Tweaks for Win8. Runs way better on older Hardware, boots faster and stuff like that.

Good to know that there is already a way to make it look and fell like Win 7

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dude you're just nickpicking. the amount of time for Windows 8 to boot up and for you to click on the "Desktop" tile as soon as it boots up is shorter than the time needed for Windows 7 just to boot up.
Sure.... The point is tiles are an utter waste of Space on the Desktop, My Win7 PC takes about 20 seconds for a cold boot so I don't care if Win8 boots up in 10 and I have to look at tiles on a 24" Monitor.
With the Laptops I had a look at not even hitting windows key and typing the program name worked... That is a no go.

Also I don't open programs directly outside of games, mostly I click the File I wan't and the program opens so I really have no use for the Tile stuff. I just don't understand why MS couldn't just make an option for a Win7 style start menu.

Will get a Free copy of it, so will have a look, probably at the beginning of next year.