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    The Mecca
    Quote Originally Posted by LionsFan..LOL View Post
    Yeah but it's still not like the NBA/NFL forums. People aren't getting banned left and right for constant trolling.
    Yea our mods are little more giving then those mods lol. Im surprised even myself haven't be banned in some of this convos hahaha.
    My PWW checklist

    Wrigs - Check
    HTown - Check
    Riv - Check
    Jrm - Check
    Saddler - Check
    Rob - Check
    Sep - Check
    Swede - Let's just put a Check
    Dmac - It will be a Season of Beatings
    Mitb - Check
    Prestige Champion - Check
    World Champion - Check
    Creater of the First and most dominate Stable in PWW history
    The First Famly - Check

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    Congrats guys

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    We should unban all the banned guys like ty And them for one night only when we hit 1 million

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