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    Quote Originally Posted by manbearchef View Post
    He might have over-payed for Carr, but I was thinking the Carr and Claiborne pickups were one of his better moves. I think the Claiborne pick will definitely prove to be worth that 2nd rounder.

    I completely disagree. While JJ needs to step down as GM and get someone more capable, he's nowhere near as bad as Al Davis' final 10 or so years. JJ still has the Cowboys competing (though failing) every year, so at some point, you can't just blame the Cowboys problems on him. It's not his fault Tony Romo goes from playing like an elite QB to playing like a college QB when the game matters. It's not like the Cowboys are making terrible picks or pickups. Dez Bryant is finally starting to look like a decent draft pick, they've got play-makers on both sides of the ball, and they haven't hired blatantly obvious terrible coaches.

    The sooner JJ steps down, the sooner the Cowboys will be real threats to win a SB, but he's not doing as bad as some actual GMs.

    Also, JJ still isn't as predictable as Davis either. Come draft time, we always knew who would be the Raiders' wasted top 10 pick: whoever ran the fastest 40.
    I don't think getting Claiborne was a bad move at the time, but if Kiffin runs a Tampa-2 defense it makes no sense. Supposedly he will let Carr and Claiborne play press coverage so maybe it won't be so bad.

    BIG D

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    I think Jerry does a better Job of Drafting then Davis. But they both struggle to get that coach who is there for 10 15 years and puts his face on the franchise through wins not just good drafts,,,,WONDER WHY THAT IS??...LOL...Both had them early on but clashed with them....

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    Quote Originally Posted by blakersburris View Post
    Simple question..

    Is Jerry Jones on his way to becoming the next Al Davis?

    IMO, I think the media makes these guys out as a lot more evil and stupid than they really are. I have a feeling Jerry Jones will be scrutinized as heavily as Al Davis in the near future.
    Yes, he has been that way, since he came into The NFL. I do not think they just have a bad image problems ; the only reason they are allowed to do so is they bring in a lot of money to the rest of The NFL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raiderfaninTX View Post
    I have been telling my brother this who is a cowboys fan for about 3 years now. He still doesn't agree
    What kind of parents raise a Raider fan and a Cowboy fan?

    Big THX to MJ's Bulls and pheagles10 on the sig help!
    Dear T-Mac,
    I miss you.
    The Rim

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    Quote Originally Posted by Labgrownmangoat View Post
    Al Davis was once a tremendous football guy who thought he was a businessman. Jerry Jones is a businessman who thinks he's the best football guy on the face of the planet. Both of them should have stuck to what they were good at, when they were good at it. They are/were both egomaniacs, so I suppose that's a similarity.
    sweet and succinct, best post in this thread.

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    He could very well be the next Al Davis. He seems to be very stubborn in nature.

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