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No, the Laker record doesn't say anything like that.

The Laker record says Mike Brown was an idiot and we've been decimated by injuries.

The Laker record says we've got a new coach who has to learn new tricks and a bunch of players who've never played with each other.

And when did we all agree that if we speculatively change one variable the result is always positive? It's just as likely to conclude from the Laker record that if we hadn't signed Nash we'd have three victories instead of the 16 we have now, or some higher number.
Though I'm not a Brown fan, but he was able to win the division with a lazy Bynum, a soft Pau, an out of shape Artest, a musical chair point guard situation, and no pre-season.

As for the current coach, he will be gone when the Lakers dont make the playoffs.... Basically we get to see another DAntoni vanishing "trick." And a well received one for most Laker fans.

You third paragraph makes as much sense as DAntoni's post game interviews.... Basically no sense at all.