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    Quote Originally Posted by BJBirdy View Post
    Maybe Daniels could become the World Television Champion of the World while Kaz becomes the World X-Division Champion of the World (or vice versa). Then at Destination X (oh, wait...that PPV doesn't exist anymore), whichever one is X-Division champ can redeem the belt for a chance to become the World Heavyweight Champion of the World! ( that stipulation still going to be in effect??)
    Good question! What they should do is just give the guy the title shot on a set Impact date in whatever month Destination X used to be in if he chooses to cash the belt in. I dont think really think it makes a difference whether its on ppv or an Impact, in reality it probably fits better on an Impact anyway.

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    if Destination X is no longer a PPV then I wonder if they do still have that stipulation where the X division champion can cash in for a title shot. I'm thinking probably not. TNA might not even mention it again.

    TNA Impact on Thursday, January 10, 2013 scored a 1.02 rating, down more than one-tenth of a rating from a 1.14 rating last week.

    One week after drawing their largest audience since August, TNA's viewership declined 25 percent to 1.29 million viewers. This brought Impact back to the new timeslot average of 1.30 million viewers.

    On cable TV Thursday night, Impact ranked #42 in overall viewers, down seven spots from last week. Impact was also down seven spots in males 18-34 and down four spots in males 18-49.

    the anti-Trump movement seems to be getting dumber

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