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    2012: Ranking the Lions Roster

    Want to REALLY feel good about your franchise???

    Detroit News did an article ranking the Lions players 1-53...and it definitely shed some light on this roster.

    Original Article

    Interesting points to me:

    -Rob Sims is ranked the 5th best player on this roster. That is all.

    -Our kicker is #7.

    -Pettigrew is #14...and I think we can all (for the most part) agree how dismal this is.

    -Riley Reiff is #20 - and the guy didn't even really play his true position at all!!!

    -Ryan Broyles is ranked 22...with 22 catches last year. That's right, 22 catches gets you ranked as the 22nd best player on this roster.

    Scrap Detroit!!

    Quote Originally Posted by basch152 View Post
    First of all, players like Matthews and Ware actually ARE overrated...

    Quote Originally Posted by basch152 View Post
    No, the best comparison to Miggy is Albert Pujols. And I'll be honest, Cabrera doesn't really compare favorably to Pujols.

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    Lolgan and KVB deserve to be much lower on that list

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    Jonte Green should be higher, KVB lower, Lacey lower. Gosder's ranking at 6 is more surprising than Sims at 5 imo

    My adopt a lion came in at 52 lol

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    Should be:

    1 - Houston
    2 - Delmas
    3 - Silva
    4 - Green
    Lions #1 draft need: New ownership

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