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    Quote Originally Posted by BullsFTW View Post
    EG seems like he just doesn't want to be in New Orleans, and he's a Midwestern kid. I personally believe his injury is not as bad as advertised. He had a bruised knee and opted to have surgery to prevent future damages. He was preparing his departure from the Hornets until Demps decided to match Phoenix offer. He has shown the last few games that physically he's the same player. EG actually has star potential.

    A disgruntled Love may not net you a fair value, especially if he's dead set on the teams he'll sign an extension with. That's just reality. Off-course he may end up staying in Minnesota, but the damage has been done.
    I agree! I would also argue that a completely healthy and happy Love would not net us fair value either. Nobody ever gets fair value for their star player, that's kind of a given, except for extremely rare instances.

    If ******* goes further south with Love, which I highly doubt at this point (3 years left under contract), the argument for fair value will go out the window.

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    Don't like the trade idea. Don't like picks, and don't like Eric Gordon that much. We have Shved as a SG of the future.

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