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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellcrooner View Post
    Who you want to fool?

    You hate Gasol More.
    And you hate Kobe

    What's your point?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 310Casper View Post
    Dwight, please leave.

    Seriously, i dont even want this guy to stay. Yes, i know im in the minority with my statement.

    Injury prone, drama, no offense, horrible ft%. I do not want to build the future around this guy.
    I don't dislike him, but I think the season may have gone better without this cloud hanging over the organization's head. This tension about what he's going to do when the season ends.

    I think he's better than Bynum, and as such, I think that the Lakers "won" the trade just by getting one semi-healthy season out of him. Defense is far more important from a center than offense, so I'll give Bynum the slight edge at the offensive end, and take the huge advantage on defense with Dwight. But he shouldn't be such a focal point on offense, not with this group of players. If he moves on, or if they go balls out and give him a sign'n'trade, I don't think they'll be any worse off.

    I'm in the minority who still has faith in Gasol, anyway, so re-establishing the championship core of Kobe and Pau (with Nash added in, plus young talent via trade) would keep them competitive. Certainly more competitive than this.
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    From what I read, he doesn't sound too unhappy. He wanted to clarify. Perhaps he was frustrated with the description, but it sounded more like clarification rather than lashing out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron24th View Post
    Honestly I feel no pressure about dwight:

    - if he man up and stays a Laker,I will support him

    - if he leaves like a coward, he'll be the player I'll hate the most
    Haha this!!!

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    I think it has less to do with him worrying about free agency and more to do with him not wanting fans and others thinking he is a weak, injury prone player they can pile more blame on.

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