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    New Zealand leads worldwide in human freedom

    New Zealanders have the most freedom in the world, according to an international index that ranks 123 countries.

    The report, which was released today by the Fraser Institute, Canada's leading public policy think-tank, and Germany's Liberales Institut, examines the characteristics of freedom and how it can best be measured and compared between different nations.

    New Zealand was ranked number one for offering the highest level of freedom worldwide, followed by the Netherlands then Hong Kong.

    Australia, Canada and Ireland tied for fourth spot, with the United States and Denmark tied for seventh.

    The lowest-ranked countries were Zimbabwe, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Syria.

    The index was featured in the first publication of the Human Freedom project - Towards a Worldwide Index of Human Freedom.

    The author of the book, Fred McMahon, said: "Our intention is to measure the degree to which people are free to enjoy classic civil liberties-freedom of speech, religion, individual economic choice, and association and assembly-in each country surveyed."

    "We also look at indicators of crime and violence, freedom of movement, legal discrimination against homosexuals, and women's freedoms," he said.

    Structure of the Personal Freedom Index

    I. Security and safety
    A. Government’s threat to a person
    1. Extrajudicial killings
    2. Torture
    3. Political imprisonment
    4. Disappearances
    B. Society’s threat to a person
    1. Intensity of violent conflicts
    2. Level of organized conflict (internal)
    3. Female genital mutilation
    4. Son preference
    5. Homicide
    6. Human trafficking
    7. Sexual violence
    8. Assault
    9. Level of perceived criminality
    C. Threat to private property
    1. Theft
    2. Burglary
    3. Inheritance
    D. Threat to foreigners

    II. Movement
    A. Forcibly displaced populations
    B. Freedom of foreign movement
    C. Freedom of domestic movement
    D. Women’s freedom of movement

    III. Expression
    A. Press killings
    B. Freedom of speech
    C. Laws and regulations that influence media content
    D. Political pressures and controls on media content
    E. Dress code in public

    IV. Relationship freedoms

    A. Freedom of assembly and association
    B. Parental authority
    C. Government restrictions on religion
    D. Social hostility toward religion
    E. Male-to-male relationships
    F. Female-to-female relationships
    G. Age of consent for homosexual couples
    H. Adoption by homosexuals

    Link to Full Index

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    Interesting. I knew New Zealand and Australia was up there. Didn't know Hong Kong was up that high? Have they always been that high or is this a more recent thing over the last 20-40 years.

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    born and raised on the south side of Chicago.
    I doubt there is much of a meaningful difference between 1-20 on this list honestly.

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