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    Quote Originally Posted by phillyeaglesman View Post
    i wouldn't go as far as to say it's overrated. i think that's too strong. it can be over-hyped at times, but it's not an overrated thing.

    i mean you look around, and more sports are starting to adopt it. the NFL went with offensive and defensive captains logos on their jerseys a few years ago. even certain baseball and basketball teams give "C"s to certain players.

    i'm sure this is an issue where there are just two sides and neither side is going to budge, and its gonna seem stupid when i say it, but it's the way it's always been with hockey. and sometimes when its rough going out there its nice to look to your side and see that "C" on someone's chest and know that they are gonna do whatever it takes to fight back, and in doing so you feel obligated to do the same.
    But it's not the C that makes you think's the player. Put that C on a pansy and no one's going to look at that C.

    That's why I say it's overrated. Just give me leaders on the whole and I'm happy. Who's actually donning the C is more for the fans at home than it is the players. They know who their leaders are already.
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    I remember talking about how the C was slightly "overrated" in a thread last season and people jumped on my case for it. Players are going to lead with our without the C or the A on the chest, that's just how most of them are. Some things obviously change and that's why it holds some value, but winning a cup doesn't hinge on getting a Captain.

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    kinda off topic but the practice tonight at the well i heard it was going to be televised.. anyone who the channel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhillyBronco08 View Post
    kinda off topic but the practice tonight at the well i heard it was going to be televised.. anyone who the channel?

    Comcast Sports Net philly

    also on Flyers website
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    lol bryz

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