I have gotten into Cav's ball lately on my League Pass(which shows your local broadcast), I watch because they have been playing a lot of teams that I watch. I am diggin Kyrie, he could replace LeBron.

I am unaware of things in the east, and this might sound stupid to you but, why do your announcer's and commercial's, refer to yourselves as "North East" Ohio?

I figure Ohio is super populated per major city, and your also a big college state(if your anything like Utah, I am sure everyone is split up between colleges), so it must be better to just say North East Ohio to reach out into wider audience, like Akron, without targeting outsiders.

I mean in Utah, we separate the populated "best audience" area by just saying Salt Lake, or "Wasatch Front"(+2 mill, of 2.8 million, live in 50 miles of SLC, so everyone knows what they mean). Even then, our commercials and announcers just say Utah, cause we are "Utah" jazz. Commercials use the term Wasatch Front, its used a lot, because it refers to anything from Ogden to Provo. But Jazz, also take in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, East Nevada, and a some of West Colorado.(4 of 5 states don't have any sports)