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If you check Love's per 48 minutes on/off statistics from 2012, it pretty much backs up their record.

With Love on the court, they barely beat opponents.

Love offensive production on: 108.2
Love defensive production on: 107.4

With Love off:

Love offensive production off: 99.8
Love defensive production off: 107.0

Basically, defensively, Love makes little difference to the Wolves defense. He does provide a big boost offensively though, yet it's not enough to cover how bad they are without him on the floor.

Also, as I've mentioned earlier. I realized basketball goes beyond statistics. All stats point to Dwight being the problem though, and I would love validation on that outside of statistics.

Basically, I would LOOOOOOOOOOOVE for us to start winning without him on the court. As a Laker fan, so should you. It would be a quick fix and provide a ton of insight on our problems. Not to mention, if the front office realizes it and trades him for someone that would make us better.

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