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    Anyone who thought that a conversation with this guy would be on par with William F. Buckley debating an intellectual on Firing Line has the intelligence of a rock. This is a guy who is known 9/11 conspiracy theorist who thinks that our government demolished 7 World Trade Center.

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    Piers' show gets ratings and Alex Jones gets even more notoriety. It's a win-win for both

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    Originally Posted by justinnum1
    Wade will be a lot better next season now that he got knee surgery. Hate on. - 7/31/2012

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    Quote Originally Posted by KnicksorBust View Post
    Well anyone who can stay that composed with a raving lunatic yelling in their face and stay focused on asking appropriate questions and sharing relevant stats earns some points with me.
    piers morgan did not share relevant stats

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    Quote Originally Posted by Longhornfan1234 View Post
    No, he doesn't. Like one would expect from Faux news (although I much prefer Jon Stewart's name for them - BMN, Bull **** Mountain Network!) he nitpicks at irrelevancies.

    It makes me shudder to think that I'm actually going to write something sort of in defense of Morgan, whom I loathe.

    It makes no difference at all to the larger argument, whether Britain had 35 or 59 gun deaths, or whether the US had 8,000, 9,000 or 11,000. The mere gulf in difference between these two amounts tells the story. The point at issue is the number of gun related deaths when compared to other civilized, advanced, western societies. Proudly citing US stats as comparing favorably with Guatemala or Jamaica is just downright dishonest. Citing "justifiable homicides" as a way of reducing the US stats is at best downright disingenuous, at worst it's a typical Faux news lie. They are still gun deaths, they are still people killed by guns. That is the central issue. Anything else is a mere red herring intended to obfuscate.

    Would Morgan have done better to compare the US with some other European country? Absolutely.

    Is Britain the most violent (major) country in Europe? The stats don't lie, it is.

    Where you and all the other gun apologists fail, is to try and draw some direct correlation between Britain banning guns, and the general crime rate in the UK. There are a dozen (or more) social factors peculiar to Britain that all combine to create the many crime issues prevalent in the UK. They are not the most violent society in western Europe because they banned guns. Other European countries have similar gun laws and infinitely lower crime rates across the board.

    This is not about all crime. This is about guns and gun related crime. This is about the part played by guns in the deaths of people, whether the victims be 'innocent' or 'justifiably' killed. Making the discussion about one English cretin on tv, who may have mis-cited one specific statistic - 35 instead of 59 (according to Faux) gun deaths, is a pathetic attempt at diverting attention from the real talking point and the central issue since Newtown.

    Which is:- guns in general, and certain kinds of guns in particular - the US has by far, by very far, the worst stats of any modern, civilized, democratic, western society (this does not include Central America or Caribbean islands!) when it comes to total murders, and to all deaths by guns and other gun related violence, never mind the millions of dollars having to be wasted every year on the many thousands of non-fatal gunshot victims that have to be treated in hospitals.

    I have posted stats on this before in one of the General forum topics, and I'm not going to look for them or repeat them now except to point out that the entire country of Holland, with its 16.5m people, had about 20% less murders in 2011 - 159 - than Baltimore, with a population of just under 1m alone did - +/- 200. I believe that about 60% (maybe more) of US murders are gun related. In Holland, it's about 50%.

    There were 12 murders in Amsterdam last year, I believe eight of which were by firearm, and those were shootings amongst different underworld groups. I guess the rest of us are just too stoned all the time to be thinking about violence.

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    We're not the British. We're not the Dutch, Spanish, Germans, or French. Comparing us and stats on any level is misguided and irrelevent. Americans don't act like any other nation. When something is illegal, many among us don't give a ****. We still find it, smuggle it, shoot it, screw it, smoke it, snort it, inject it, keep it as a pet, drive it, eat it, whatever. Making things illegal in America only creates a new or improved black market for that item or service. Prohibition is a failure, unless of course your last name is Kennedy. Then its ****ing awesome.

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