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Thread: Perry Fewell

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    Perry Fewell

    Isn't it telling and interesting that with all the head coaching openings, no one has contacted the Giants to interview Fewell for a HC job.

    The defense, especially the pass rush was suppose to be the strength of the team, but it didn't work out that way.

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    I was thinking the same exact thing when I clicked on this thread.

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    He lost alot of the stem he had after the superbowl run no shock there. We make the playoffs next year and finish in the top 10/15 on D... He will get an interview somewhere. Hopefully Killdrive does too and they both take it
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    Slide the line to create a wall and don't attack the QB consistently. The only scheme that worked all season was attacking SF and GB. He never stuck with it.

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    i talked to art stapleton abt this (beat writer for the bergen record) he said that just bc they don't get HC interviews doesnt mean they aren't good coordinators. I disagree but he's someone whose around the team so maybe he sees something we don't.

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