Boy was I wrong... There was really no effort on defense. I watched Kobe a bit on the defensive end and he was pretty much baiting the defense to pass the ball to his guy so he could jump in for the steal. He almost always went for the double to steal and when they passed to his man he was late closing out. Sacre was a joke out there. Got dunked on, several And-One's he allowed and he was out jumped for rebound after rebound. Metta was good on D. The Rockets one the game with 3 pointers and layups....way too many layups. Delfino was open all game. He hit 5 3's...why was he open after the initial 3 point barrage that brought them back in the second quarter??? I was not thrilled in the least with the effort. Kobe did have a sick dunk going baseline that was pretty cool. Nash... that guy has some major handles and can shoot that fallaway in the lane over anyone!!! LOL