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    Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss are engaged!

    This means they are cementing their relationship now. hopefully this means anything close
    to Phil coming back because he will be the son-in-law of Jerry Buss.

    Please give pj control on personnel.decisions

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    Please let this mean that Phil is coming back. ray:

    Hopefully now that he is part of the family, Buss Sr. decides to do the right thing and let Jeanie take over instead of Jim (Fredo). That way we know that there will actually be competent people running the FO instead of some half witted arrogant spoiled brat who isn't fit to run a flea circus.

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    I'm telling you guys .... The ****ing system is bad, it's not Howard it's not Kobe it's not metta it's not the bench... On paper we are the best team in the NBA LMAO.... But this **** of a system killed the lakers ... Whoever said offense wins games??? I never heard that lol
    Lakers had the chance on brain shaw passed on him... Had the chance at Phil passed on him... Now it's time to pay with this FAILD move.... This system makes our team look like garbage and play like garbage the end

    Problem 1 is mike dantonie and his stupid system
    Problem 2 is Pau gasol
    problem 3 Kobe's ego

    How to fix it... Trade pau...
    Tell Kobe to stfu
    Fire this jerk *** Dan tonie
    And make minor changes
    And the big one Jim buss needs to suck phill Jackson's balls to make him come back as coach.... Those are the only way we will win ****..

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    First of all:


    Now Phil please come and take Lakers to the promise land!

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