It funny because I heard on the radio that someone close to Skiles, they went unnamed of course, said that Skiles hated his team. So I'm not surprised that he forced his way out.

I don't know assistant coaches in the league well enough to bring up too many realistic suggestions as who can be the next head coach, but I just hope it isn't some re-tread coach that we always seem to go after. I didn't like the initial Skiles signing and hope we don't go after another "proven" coach who's only really proven that they can coach a decent team for 5 years before the owner gets sick of spinning the tires and fires him, then he goes onto the next team and does the same thing.

I know the name Sam Cassell has been brought up. That's a pretty intriguing name. Isn't Pat Ewing considered a decent assistant? He might be a great coach for us just for the sake of developing Sanders, Henson and even maybe Ersan's post up game. Like I said, I don't know assistant coaches and I'm not sure who's a good option, but I hope we bring in a younger, high energy guy who can bring excitement to the team and is hungry to proven himself as a head coach.