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    Is the back of the bench adjustable?

    Chest - benchpress, incline benchpress, dumbbell press, incline dumbbell press, flys
    Bi's - dumbbell curl, hammer curl, straight bar curl, concentrated curl
    Back - wide grip pull up, reverse grip pull up, dumbbell row, deadlift, there's an exercise where u have your feet flat on ground and back is on bench perpendicular to it one dumbbell held by both hands you start with weight behind your head and end with it above your head
    Tris - overhead tricep extension (with dumbbell), close grip bench, dips (using bench and an extra chair or something), bent over tricep extension
    Shoulder - military press (dumbbell), not sure of the names but stand with dumbbells in hands and raise arms forward or to the side until parallel to ground, also sit at edge of bench and bend forward facing ground and raise arms with dumbbell as tho ur flying it hits rear delts
    Traps - dumbbell shoulder shrugs, farmers walk
    Legs - lunges, walking lunges, one legged lunges (rear foot is on bench sole up), dumbbell squats

    I just threw out what i could think of so u can choose from that. If ur bench isnt adjustable then incline chest presses are out of the picture and so is shoulder military press but u can do a standing version of that with less weight.

    Hopefully some people know names of some of the exercises I described so u can YouTube it, and if there's any particular exercise u can't find ask me n I'll try n find a YouTube of it.

    As far as reps, I think it'll depend more on how much weight you have to work with. If it's all adjustable and you have a lot to the point it's not an issue, then I guess do whatever ur comfortable with. I'm not sure how true the whole low rep for mass vs high rep for strength thing is, I know some people that got pretty big by doing high reps, I even think stamina cut 20 pounds while doing some low rep exercises.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nastynice View Post
    If possible, this is what u should do. No doubt u'll blow up way faster doing this. Only thing I'd change is not pairing chest/tris together and back/bis. Maybe chest/bis and back/tris would be a better combo.

    Like someone said earlier, your diet may be holding u back too. Cuz two months of working out should have definitely lead to some gains
    No, the whole idea of doing chest/triceps and back/biceps is that you work a lot of the similar muscles. Push day, pull day. Keeps you from overtraining as well. I'd suggest doing chest/triceps, back/shoulders/biceps, legs/abs.

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    For legs make sure you do Bulagarian Split Squats. It's a great exercise and you only need dumbells

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