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Thread: Youth is Served

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    Youth is Served

    At the end of 2012 the Mets average age as a team was 27.0 and since then the team has shed over 30 somethings Dickey, Shoppach, CYoung [for now], Hairston [for now], Acosta, Rauch, Lewis, Bay [good riddens], Torres [same], RRamirez while adding John Buck [32] and young prospects/rookies. That leaves Santana [33], Francisco [33], Wright [30], Hampson [32...who? AAAA reliever who had a few nice appearances] and Buck as the only five players on the 40 man roster over age 30 with nobody older than 34 [compared to the Yankees where 2/3 of the team is getting ready for Medicare]. By this time next year, if the Mets stay with young players instead of re-signing Hairston and Young or equal there is a chance that Wright may be the only player on the entire roster over 30! [Recker is 29 and Baxter, Parnell and Turner are 28]. I wonder in the history of baseball if that has ever been done?

    They could sign right now Jair Jurrjens [27], Delmon Young [28], and Jesus Flores [28]--three moves I would like---to round out their roster and keep that record intact.

    In 2014 we could have an all-youth team of quite talented starters Harvey, Wheeler, Niese, Syndergaard, Jurrjens and Gee and a pen comprised of Parnell, Edgin, Carson, Mejia, Familia, Gorski [or another kid] and a pretty decent lineup of Puello/Nieuwenhuis, Murphy/Havens, Wright, Davis, DYoung, Duda, D'Arnaud, Tejada and Valdespin, Cowgill, JFlores, WFlores and Turner rounding out the bench. Will this happen? Unlikely...very unlikely we don't add some seasoning but it's fun in January to look at unusual scenarios and ponder the what ifs.
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