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    Reinsdorf among leaders of 2013 HOF nominees

    Despite playing without Derrick Rose, the Bulls continue working to build their legacy in Chicago. Now the team may have another big honor coming their way.

    Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf joins nine-time All-Star Gary Payton and former league executive Russ Granik on the list of leaders for the 2013 Hall of Fame nominees.

    As reported Monday morning, 31 candidates are currently in the running. Additional cuts will be made during the All-Star game in February, where nominees will have to earn seven votes among a nine-person panel to continue on in the voting process. A group of 24 voters will then have the final say, and an ultimate ruling -- where nominees must receive 18 of the 24 votes -- will be announced at the Final Four in April.

    Reinsdorf -- who, in addition to the Bulls, also owns the White Sox -- has earned a nomination through the Contributor category. Not only has he had a strong influence in Chicago's sports, but he's also used his power to help improve the city's school systems, particularly in standardized testing.

    He's also worked to further community development on Chicago's West Side with both the Charitabulls and White Sox Charities.

    Reinsdorf was inducted into the Appleton, Wisc. Baseball Hall of Fame back in 2005 for the successes among White Sox affiliates, and now he may continue his list of Hall of Fame honors with the Bulls.

    K.C Johnson ‏@KCJHoop also reports Jerry Krause and Johnny Bach remain on the Hall of Fame ballot. Both deserve to be in.

    chuck swirsky ‏@swirsk054
    Bulls Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf nominated for Basketball Hall of Fame He deserves to be in both hoops and baseball Halls. Great person -owner

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    he'll get in, everyone gets in

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shammyguy3 View Post
    he'll get in, everyone gets in
    not when it comes to management. thats more of a rule for players. he stands a good chance to get in(about a 50/50 shot), but really doubt krause or bach get in(though should)

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    as an owner of a team which has won 6 rings, he'll get in (especially since he's seen as a very loyal guy to the players that played for him)

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    I hope he get's in, he gets a bad wrap from the average fan, but the ones who pay attention know that he is a good owner, treats his employees well.

    7 championships in Chicago...who else has done that?
    1985 Bears
    2005 White Sox
    2010 Blackhawks
    1991 Bulls

    1981 Sting

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    Oh God here come the haters...

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    Quote Originally Posted by InRoseWeTrust View Post
    Oh God here come the haters...
    I'm not hating, just pointing out how controversial Reinsdorf making the Hall is. He is an owner that actively fought against player's rights and has a VERY storied history with one of the best players the game has ever seen.

    Sure he deserves to be there, but make no mistake; there are just as many "cringe" worthy moments and stories surrounding his career as there are moments of trophy lofting - as is the case with "great" players/managers.

    I actually feel the average fan glosses over the stories and tensions surrounding one of the greatest franchises in basketball history - blinded by trophies and the glare from MJ's kicks.

    I'm actually more excited for The Glove Payton.
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