Try not to laugh or rip on me to hard.
Assuming the Packers win the Super Bowl this is what I'm thinking.
Trade our first round pick with the Bengals for their 2nd 2nd round pick their 4th round pick and maybe their 1st 6th round pick. It would look something like this.
Bengals Packers
RD 1, 21st RD 2, 52nd from Bengals
RD 1, 32nd from Pack RD 2, 64th
RD 2, 37th RD 3, 96th
RD 3, 84TH RD 4, 116th from Bengals
RD 5, 148th RD 4, 126TH
RD 6, 188TH RD 5, 158TH
RD 7, 211th RD 6, 180th from Bengals
RD 6, 190TH
RD 7, 222
Still have no idea what our comp picks will be, but a 4th or 5th for Flynn would be nice.