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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellcrooner View Post
    There wouldnt be any problem with the two of them starting if they both played INSiDE.

    Of course we would need TWO consistent shooters out there from downtown for it to work, neither kobe, morris, meeks, artest is consistent enough for it, we have nash, we would need another one.
    Yeah I agree. Our best shooters are probably Nash and Kobe. Meeks is so inconsistent, as is Metta.

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    The problem is hellcrooner is that pau doesn't look to score when the ball is given to him in the post. Last night he had andre miller on his back and didn't look to score, I recall 3 times where he could have easily scored in the post and instead passed out the ball. That's on Pau not the system or the players.
    Hahahaha oh man addition by subtraction big time. So happy Eyebrows is gone. That tan Bieber was such a waste. Snake oil salesman. You lip-licking, eyebrow-rubbing, skinny jean-wearing, bandana in 60 degree weather-wearing, no defense-playing, false-leading, denture-wearing, drag queen. So happy you're gone. But I will miss jacking it to pictures Of you.
    Mr. Jones on Dlo trade.

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    Lol... guys Dwight Howard doesnt guard the PF because on most teams the PF plays further away from the basket. Dwight's biggest skill on defense is not manning up on his is that he guards the paint when other people get beat. He has to guard the guy closest to the basket on the other team, so that Dwight can camp out in the paint without getting defensive 3 seconds. If Pau was guarding the Centers, then he would be in position more often than Howard to protect the paint from the other teams guards.

    Against the Clippers sure people would like to see Dwight guard Griffin, but if the Clippers were smart then they would just bring Blake a little further from the basket and throw lobs to Jordan all day. If Pau guarded Jordan all game, I bet he would have like 20 pts and 15 boards.

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