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    Quote Originally Posted by Rylinkus View Post
    The Yankees do not extend players. If we did, I think we'd be far better off.

    Saving that, Cano is a stud. He's the best 2nd baseman in the game and in his prime. And finding offense @ 2nd isn't super easy. I expect he has some big offers on the table, as he should. No idea where he ends up.
    They didn't use to, but for instance Cano himself was extended before, that's why he will be a 31 year old free agent, now, they don't extend many players, and that's because in the past they felt comfortable letting guys hit free agency because they knew they wouldn't be out bid, it will be interesting to see how they conduct business in the future.

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    Cano will be the biggest off-season free agent next year. He will demand 5-6 years 22-25 million per year. Similar to what the dodgers gave Grienke and what the angels gave Hamilton. This will limit the teams that can go after are potential suitors for Cano.

    Yankees - one of the true Yankees that has been brought up through their system, should get a pretty fair offer. Even though the Yankees are trying to cut payroll they still want to win and please their large fan base. They will have some money opening up with Granderson, Kuroda, and Youkilis all coming off the of almost 60 million, and that doesn't count Cano's contract if he leaves. They will be big players and will more likely be able to keep him in pinstripes for his career.

    Red Sox - They have Dustin Pedroia, but they also have money to spend (thanks to our dodgers). Pedroia could potentially play 3rd base, and either one can also DH. This is a long shot, but Cano would be a great pick up for the red sox who's management will see that their lineup will need some help at the end of this year.

    Cardinals - for a bigger market team they will have the money this next year to sign Cano, it just a question of do they spend it? With contracts like Beltan, Wainright, Carpenter, Furcal all coming off the books they are in a prime situation to add Cano and his salary. They question is why sign Cano and let Puljos go? Well that's because Puljos would have never lasted in the NL with the length of contract the angels gave. But cano should get lesser years than Puljos and even with Cano's age he should be able to play 2nd base and bat for the next 5 years because of his more slender body frame.

    Dodgers - they will again be on this one, but will they possibly have the money? With the franchise expected to sign the largest television deal in MLB history soon, money is not a factor, or it seems. Dodgers will be looking to improve their middle infield in the next few years and why not get the best second baseman in the league? If the dodgers are involved Cano's pockets may be a little more full next year.

    Giants - the recent giant mentality has been bargains and raise from within. The Giants though have been dark horses on guys they want and this is a guy that can help them a ton. With the giants pitching staff looking good for the next few years, they wille focus on aquiring a bat to pair with Buster Posey. Potentially giants will be without the contract of Barry Zito (18 million with 7 mill buy out) Hunter Pence (Arb potential 12-13 million) and Tim Lincecum (22.2 million) will all hit free agency. The giants will have the money and internal discussions about Cano, they may go all in.

    Mariners - they were in on Hamilton and are looking to spend whatever it takes to get a franchise player. They will also be trying to get King Felix to sign before hitting FA in two years, but it seems like the mariners need and want a bat. They will sweeten the pot for Cano but like many others before him I see him passing on the M's proposition.

    Cubs - They have money in the bank and will be able to use it once they can come to an agreement which player they want to go after. This would give them arguably one of the best middle infields in MLB with Cano and Castro. The cubs may also trade Soriano to free up some money especially if the cubs are out of it by the trade deadline in 2013. The cubs for being a big market team have one of the lowest salaries at around 80 million in 2013. The spending will come, and Theo Epstein is just waiting for the right player, and Cano may be that guy.

    There may be more potential sleeper teams that come from left field; Angels, White Sox, Reds, Nationals.
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