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    Quote Originally Posted by ewing View Post
    Orlando signed Nelson to about the same contract as Lin. He is averaging about the same as Lin and has no hope of ever getting better. The Pacers also signed George Hill to a 40 million dollar deal this off season.

    The jury is still out of on Lin and normally someone with such limited experience wouldn't be signed to such a 3 year deal however he is not even the worst PG signing this off season.
    ... What in the hell did the lockout do?

    Quote Originally Posted by JasonJohnHorn View Post
    Well... as a Detroit fan, I thought Charlie-V and Ben Gordon were bad signings. I do like Gordon and think he can contribute to a contender (he' s be great coming off the bench for LAL this year, or would have been great for the Celtics over the last couple seasons. Also Miami, if they didn't have Allen coming off the bench).

    As a Raptors fan I'm not impressed with Bargnani and DeRozen get such big deals either.
    Landry Fields?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjt20mik View Post
    T2 Laundry Fields
    Way to close the thread out quickly. He had a lovely 0 PER going on for a while.

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    roy hibbert anyone?
    This is just the beginning. Let's keep it up. History is bound to repeat itself. Let's hope that this time it's for the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dankster View Post
    Way to close the thread out quickly. He had a lovely 0 PER going on for a while.
    Lol. If only the amnesty policy worked on any players. Worst signing ever.

    (p.s. I know his name is landry, but dude stinks like old bin of laundry)

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    Lost (Please Send Help)
    Quote Originally Posted by Uncbball234 View Post
    Good thing he's coming back next year, for another 4 mil. Lol


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    Worst signings by Tiers

    People keep talking about amnestying players in the offseason, I thought the amnesty was a one shot deal that had to be used within one year following the signing of the new CBA. Anyone have info I'm not aware of?

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    I'm a little surprised about Beasley. Suns signed him and thought he would be the 18 ppg game scorer they were missing. I thought him and Scola together would do damage...

    Now I hear Beasley isn't even getting a 2nd look from the coach. What can the Suns do? He's on the hook for another 1 or 2 seasons and no one will trade for a player who can't stay in your rotation...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncbball234 View Post
    This thread is for the worst signings, I have them broken down by money.
    Tier 1 around 12 to Max money
    Deron Williams he hasn't been himself and he's blaming it on everyone and thing besides himself. Hopefully he returns to form.

    Tier 2 12 mil or less
    Jermey Lin he's been playing so the jury is still out but to this point I'm going with Lin.

    Tier 3 5 mil or less
    Kirk Hinrich the guy has been a joke shooting 35 % from the floor with a per just over 10.
    Rudy Gay, Michael Beasley, Aaron Gray.

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    Eric gordon got paid max money and not playing

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