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    Quote Originally Posted by B'sCeltsPatsSox View Post
    This is interesting...
    Brian Kelly is a great coach, so it doesn't surprise me that NFL teams are interested. I thought he was more of an offensive air it out coach at Cincinnati, but he proved that he can adjust based on his personnel. I don't think he will leave Notre Dame this off-season, but it wouldn't surprise me if he eventually left.
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    Looks like Brian Kelly is looking for a raise. Stabilizing his stock after getting whipped in the NC game.
    On Cam Newton:

    Quote Originally Posted by Norm View Post
    So it's official.

    This jerk off is going to be the first QB taken in the first round (or maybe the first 5) in the modern era to throw less than 300 passes at DI level. and he might go #1 overall.


    Nfl scouting is a joke.

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