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    Iverson...huh? whats the truth?,

    I live in a suburb of philly & am a 76ers fan/sickly addicted Iverson fan and out of nowhere i heard people telling me A.I. was to sign with you guys today. no espn reports or nothing so obviously it was false, but because it came from a few people i know that dont know each other plus i seen it on a few not so big websites,i just want to know if there was anything to this ever,did some idiot just make it up? was boston considering it then backed off? just curious. everything i found with confirmed interest was around trade deadline but this was supposed to happen today april 18th 2013.

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    Nothing at all on this anywhere. Will close this unless something concrete comes up. Our roster is filled for the playoffs so this sounds bogus.

    "Stats are for losers. The final score is for winners." - Bill Belichick

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