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If Vancouver could somehow pry one of the young stars from Edmonton this rivalry could be epic to watch for years. Imagine a Scneider for Hall or RNH deal. They would be sluggi g it out for at least 3 yrs.
Gillis would probably be fired for trading Lu to Edmonton. I also have doubts whether any player from the Oilers would be happy about leaving their team. Lot of expectations and excitment, they're feeling very good about their future there. I would assume any player traded here for Lu, would be in "sulk mode", meanwhile Lu would flourish and the Oilers would be well on their way as a Cup contender. That would be disasterous.

My hope is that all of their young talent (RNH, Eberle, Yakupov, Hall) will eventually want more minutes, more money etc. I can see that being an issue for the Oilers down the road. I also see Gagner and Hemsky being traded at some point, maybe to upgrade their D and goaltending. Hope the Canucks can do somehting with the roster, can't see them dominating the NW division anymore, especially with Edmonton on the rise and Minnesota making big moves in the off-season.

The Canucks need a 2nd line centre to fill in while Kesler's out, any idea why Gillis didn't try to sign Gomez for next to nothing? (by NHL standards)

I would like to see the Lu trade talks resolved and hopefully Gillis ships him off to the eastern conference.