What personnel changes should the Colts make to improve this team? Use this thread to discuss rumors, ideas, news, etc..

This team will have approx 45 million dollars to fix a few issues:

1. Team needs 2-3 Offensive Linemen. At least 1 starting caliber tackle and a starting guard.

2. We need CB depth... preferably a starter. Butler and Cassius were abused today, they fine for depth, but shouldn't be starting.

3. We need a WR. Avery is a FA and he drops too many passes. With Hilton and Avery it seems way to monotonous. Hilton is obviously the future, so get rid of Avery and bring in a #2 WR.

4. Pass rush. With Freeney being a FA, we need to sign someone that can pressure the QB and also who won't whiff on every tackle.

5. Safety. Zibs was kinda disappointing this year. Need someone to at least challenge him for starting.

6. Obviously need to address the coaching situation especially if B.A. leaves.


What you think we should do?