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1. Location
2. Favorite Current Clipper?
3. Favorite Former Clipper?
4. Other teams in the NBA you root for?
5. Other sports you enjoy? What other sporting teams do you root for?
6. Anything else you care to share?
1. from LA. now live in WA/OR area
2. right now kaman. he has become a beast!!!
3. Mark 'action' jackson. I love that whole roster. jackson-'hollywood'harper-danny manning-charles smith-even big ol' stanley roberts...I watched him dunk on hakeem during the playoffs in old sport arena when my canadian 'high school hockey coach' cousin (no lie)was visiting LA and asked 'who is that big guy? he must be famous'
4. nobody else. hate the lakers especially.
5. clippers is my passion, and dodgers is my religion.
6. I've been a fan when it was less than 7 bucks to go see clips in old dungeon called LA sports arena where I could move up to the middle or even floor level seats by half time... maybe 3000 to 5000 per game might show up and ralph lawler would lie and say '10,000 screaming fans are here tonight' BS. it is really nice to see us grow in numbers and actually feel like we have a home-field crowd against the lakers( at least more than 1/2 it seems)