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    Josh Smith Signs with the Clippers

    Just checking on some thoughts about Josh Smith. For me, I've always liked Josh Smith as a player. People tend to forget that Josh Smith is still only 29 years old. He's not young by NBA standards, but 29 is in the middle of a player's prime which is 27-32. To sign a player, like Smith, at this point of his career for what is being reported as the veteran's minimum, is a great deal. People thinks that he'll be coming off the bench but I can see him starting. Imagine a line up of Paul, Reddick, Smith, Griffin and Jordan. If anything, I would have Pierce off the bench to give them an offensive spark.

    Great signing for the Clippers. Its clear that the days of Sterling have passed. Balmer has done a great job so far.

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    I wouldn't be surprised is Smith was signed to be the starting SF. I hope not because I think he's more of a C at this point in his career. Either way it is a great signing!

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