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    Quote Originally Posted by Swift Game View Post
    Well shi t man why didn't you say so. Lets send Mitch a message that we have the green light to trade Pau.

    This is complete bu ll s hit and you know it. No shortage of teams willing take Pau? They must be lining up to trade for his services. Get real man, his trade value has bottomed out and we would be lucky to have a team or two that would consider taking him on. He is injury prone now and had become a bad asset. And the notion of him playing out of position is ridiculous.
    It's not BS. The thing is, the average GM understands the game far more than fickle fanboys who are obsessed with youth and athleticism and what a player does in a box score. They recognize that Gasol still has a lot of game. They recognize that he is being grossly misused.

    Just intuitively, as well, his value is not going to suddenly "bottom out" just a few months after beasting against Team USA.

    You gotta know how to watch the game. People griping that he only got 5 rebounds vs the Nuggets fail to understand that he was obviously assigned to faceguard Faried and keep him off the glass. Faried had only 6 rebounds. People griping that when he got the ball in the post "he didn't do anything with it" don't really know what they're looking at, either, since those were good possessions resulting from Gasol drawing the defense and moving the ball out, and when he had room to attack, he drew fouls.

    With a competent coach, I'm fairly certain Gasol would prove to be, though not at his peak, as close as 90% of his peak. He stays in shape. He still has the skills. He's had good games this season pre-D'Antoni.

    Also, suffering a concussion does not mean you're "injury prone".

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    Okay... we need to play the youngsters more when Pau and D12 come back..

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