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    Would Amare as a role player permanently upset you?

    For me personally, it would really upset me. He seems to be settling into a 15 to 20 minute guy right now. I know he just came back, he needs to get back into form, but Woodson seems like a guy who may keep Amare at 20 minutes a game. Especially when Shumpert, Felton and Wallace are into the fold.

    It's weird, upsetting, surprising to see this rapid fall. A lot of emotions, because Amare was the undisputed leader and superstar just two years ago before the first major back injury. He was tearing it up in Game 1 of the first round against the Celtics.

    Now, he just is trying to fit in and at the moment can only really expect 10 points and 3 rebounds from him. Seeing him out there now makes me wonder if he'll be the next McGrady.

    I hope he could get back to his superstar form at some point. We're winning, so it doesn't matter much, but Amare is such a likable guy with such a likable game (offensively). Plus, we're paying him $20 million a year to be a superstar.
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    Obviously everyone on this forum would prefer he magically be a superstar. But only 2 modern players have gone from high school to the NBA and been good past age 30 (KG, and Kobe, with LeBron soon to be the third). We already see Andrew Bynum and Dwight Howard breaking down, as well as Amar'e. We've already seen back injuries injuries ruin the careers of guys like LJ and they're already doing a number on Dwight. It would be unrealistic to expect him to bounce back to being a superstar. And considering he's never been good defensively or on the glass, and his offense will obviously suffer as he loses athleticism, he probably doesn't have actual star talent anymore.

    If he could be an effective role player, that would be fantastic.

    Edit: I'm an idiot. Throw Tyson on the list of effective players after 30. Still, only 4 guys, and even he had a knee problem bad enough that it got a trade cancelled.
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    You're trippin. This isn't permanent. He will end up playing at least 25 minutes, but they will be more impactful minutes.

    Amare will end this season as the best player off the bench for any team in the league, that's if he isn't too good to keep out of the starting lineup. That and a top 5 pf (or around it). He just needs to improve his conditioning. Right now he's not even in the flow of what the team is doing.

    I'm not saying he's going to be a superstar, but I think he can score the ball at a high level.

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    huh??? very premature thread... woodson is doing the right thing...and to label him a ........ " role player " 3 games in is really really premature...

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    Don't worry about a month from now he'll be starting again. Once he gets his legs and wind back I'm 100% sure he will be in that starting line up remember who said it first.

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    Offensively, he just needs to find that jumpshot again. I'm sure he will.

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    Spirit had another thought and then yet another thread without a link.

    You've be warned oh so many times.......

    This easily could have gone in the game thread. Y

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