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    Quote Originally Posted by Skizzik View Post
    What move have we made since Nolan's group took ownership that makes you seriously believe anything we'd get at the trade deadline isn't a rental or that we'd be willing to make ANY trade involving any of the guys you listed there? No, really, I'm all ears.
    Beltre? Darvish? Napoli?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack of Blades View Post
    Beltre? Darvish? Napoli?
    First should probably read the post I replied to. He was talking about Stanton, King Felix, Price...All three of those players are better players than anyone you listed above. Beltre - past his prime (still a very good player, but regardless, past his prime), Darvish - unproven when we signed him and so far, not in the King Felix category, Napoli - not only does he not belong in that group of players...he was cheap in both salary and trade cost...that wasn't some daring move. He listed stuperstars...Darvish is the only player capable of that from the trio above and that's still wishing and hoping.
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