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    Gallo makes 2nd Team of SI's All-Disappointment Team

    Danilo Gallinari, Denver Nuggets: Maybe the greater disappointment here doesnít rest with Gallinari, but with our assumptions of linear development. He began his career as a decent scorer who could both shoot from the outside and get to the rim, all while defending with a plucky enthusiasm (even if not with totally sound fundamentals). His production as a sophomore with the Knicks in 2009-10 suggested a talented shot creator with a versatile game, and to some extent that still applies. But even after that promising start, Gallinariís shooting percentages never quite came around, and his scoring has increased only marginally over the course of his career. This season in Denver seemed like a great opportunity for Gallinari to not only command serious minutes but also benefit from the playmaking of both an improving Ty Lawson and the imported Andre Iguodala. That hasnít quite worked out, and Gallinari has posted career-worst shooting percentages (39.1 from the field, 31.7 from long distance) while otherwise maintaining his static ó and decent, really ó levels of production.

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    I'd definitely like to see more demanded from Gallo inside and playing the post because I believe he can grow in to a much better player. He should start games inside to build up his confidence and get to the line. 1 more FG a game and 2 more FT a game and he would be a 20 point scorer.

    With that said there are some pretty good guys on that list. Deron Williams? Manu Gionobli? Most teams would like to have them. Also the article must be a bit dated since the 3 point percentage has risen. Gallo had a horrible start shooting 28% on 3 pointers in November. Some of that may have been because of injury. In December and January he has shot around 42% from 3 point land.
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    ya gallo has been much improved lately, over the last 15 or so games hes one of the only nuggets im NOT disappointed with

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