I read a report that after the fiscal cliff Obama jetted back to Hawaii and it cost 7 million. Witnessed other reports on how much it costs the tax payers for when Michelle goes on Vacation. I don't remember the numbers on when Bush went on vacation but I'm sure it's close to the same figure. Bush also took the most vacations in the history of the states frequently going to his ranch in Texas.

Presidents get a salary why aren't they paying for their vacations? Unless i'm mistaken the tax payers pay for their food at the White House as well.

We all (well the ones that work) get a salary but I doubt any of us get our vacations paid for by our employer. Also outside of business lunch and dinners we all most likely pay for food at home and on vacation.

Maybe I don't know exactly how it works, and I understand they need secret service etc and can't possibly afford that (at least not Obama or Bush, maybe Romney could not sure). But going on vacation shouldn't be on someone else's dime.