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View Poll Results: How many minutes will Ross see on the floor tonight?

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    Sep 2006
    little sidenote.. anyone know where i can watch open gym online?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dol-Fan View Post
    what? that team stinks. Evans stinks and has since his rookie season. Cousins is about the only bright spot.
    I know Cousins is good, great even I'm just saying he's getting to much love because of a huge game against us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LanceUpperCut View Post
    I know Cousins is good, great even I'm just saying he's getting to much love because of a huge game against us.
    i get what you are saying and i agree to a great extent. i think his behavior and the behavior of just about everyone else on that team undermines their success. hopefully if you isolate Cousins in a new environment you can bring the best out of him. i know it's a common comparison now but i said this when he was still at Kentucky - he's Derrick Coleman all over again. hopefully this time the end result is better!
    Quote Originally Posted by nycericanguy View Post
    well unfortunately it looks like you were right about Bargs...

    but hopefully we can use his expiring, if not at least we unloaded Novak's deal...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BALLER R View Post
    Kings would want Ross and Val in any trade scenario. Mostly likely both and probably Ed davis. If you think you can get Cousins and still have Val, Ross, Derozan and Ed your kidding yourself.
    I wasn't suggesting that we would still have val ross derozan and ed...I said clearly that I have no idea what it would take to get him, but if you could get him and still keep a combination of those players, along with some key vets I think you build a solid team. I'm ok with giving Val or Ross (not both) and an Ed Davis or Amir for a talent like Cousins - all the baggage and risks included. A player like Ed would become redunant with a player like Cousins anyways...Bargs would pair up well with cousins much like everyone says about Bargs and Howard. I'm really just thinking out loud...but he would be an amazing talent upgrade to anythng we have had in at least 5yrs.

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