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    Post Nothing new about Ersan

    Ersan first of all, on behalf of the team in Milwaukee and how you going through a season?

    What can you tell about this? I'm having the same thing every year, this year we took too many players for the same position in the team, the coach wanted to try the rotation everyone. Now take more time and started playing better. But the minute I did not get what I expected at the beginning of the season and moralsizdim, it better now .. -

    Performance of volatility of Jennings and Ellis teammates might be caused by the individual games?

    Yeah right, my position a player plays, the quarterback is very important. If you do not get the ball to score a lot more difficult. This factor is true, but the fact that I can not have enough time at the beginning of the season a greater cause. To solve this extra work, I'm shooting effort to fix. -

    Every season play-offs approaching what it bağlıyorsun increasing performance?

    Yeah. There was always a new player starting 6-7 last seasons. It takes time to get used to new players to catch, and he chemistry. Toparlanamıyorduk lost many matches at the beginning of the season. I think we started well this season and play-offs are heading towards.

    -PLAY-OFF AND ALL STAR CHANCE ... - - Play-off you see the Milwaukee high chance then?

    It's too early to say anything. I just played 19 matches and has a big season ahead of us. As a team on the basis of a good team. But to share the ball on offense, and a team will be stopped if we solve passing. -

    All-Star 2013 voting coming to the end, you're a prime candidate, there is an expectation that right?

    trying to get better each season, All-Star'd be, or do not know it. How we win the match, the better I'm moving on the basis of logic. On the one hand trying to get more minutes. Anything can happen in the NBA .. I yıldızlaşabiliyor play player at a time .. That's why I do not make a special effort for the All-Star not work, so I'm looking for now .. - "

    - ESPN reported last week 'best this season yakalayamadığını başlayamadığını and stability in the coming matches in a white sheet for you is very important in terms of turn ?

    Tell me what to do about it? Like I said at the beginning of the season. Sometimes things are not going as we want to, but I do not want to be negative. Positive thinking is better. I missed a lot of shots at the beginning of the season, for example, right now I'm trying to fix it. If you can not figure also makes it hard to take minutes, so I'm trying to work hard and minutes. - Will we see more often than I did in the top 5? I do not know, the coach's decision.

    -Omer Asik, Mehmet Okur and Hedo Turkoglu .. - - Would you like to say something about Omer Asik?

    Very good plays Omar at the moment. Houston has a very good decision going away because it takes more time. I already took a very good rebounder, it was the ability to take on the issue now. Had the capacity to play in Chicago, but could not get minutes. Noah was there and he could not get more than a hundred minutes to show himself to.

    - What do you think Mehmet Okur left early, or an appropriate decision?

    Maybe it was early for him. I played against him in Turkey and the performance of lock-out process was very good. Of course, his decision .. You know your body the best response with age. He decides that he saw, and I can not say anything. representing Turkey in the NBA for a long time as one of the first come to mind

    "the most successful Turkish athlete" who's that?

    Hedo Turkoglu .. Shows a very good performance in the NBA for many years and I think it is a very good athlete.

    - seeing each other?

    Yes, we're talking.

    - Euro Basket 2013 finals, you can see the national team?

    Of course, of course, , definitely. The European Championship is very important to us, and even then the World Championships as well. Surely come.

    - How did you find our group? Italy, Russia, Greece, Finland and Sweden?

    If we team, who will stop the opponent team in Europe we do not come, I think. Have very good players in every position, because. He is already a very good basketball play catch the spirit of ..

    - Please say something to the Turkish basketball .. Izzet, Ilkan and Furkan were drafted by the NBA, the names of these young What do you think?

    Turkey would follow, especially in the internet .. Turkey started to give more opportunities league young players, I think this is a very important step for Turkish basketball. The youngest player in the infrastructure if the Turkish and Turkish basketball national team for the big event that happens.

    - Izzet, close to the NBA which Furkan'dan Ilkan and what do you see?

    İzzet know the national team. Furkan joined the national team, but as far as I have not met very closely Ilkan Karaman'la Honestly, I think there is a chance for NBA İzzet strengthens a bit more.

    - Turkey follow-up basketball league I would say, Do you have a favorite, Turkey league?

    Matches monitor channel does not exist, but I'm watching the internet. I can not comment for the League Fenerbahce and Efes Pilsen in Turkey are very good but I no longer have to remain one of the Euro League Final-Fours, because they have a very good staff. Galatasaray have a good squad.

    - Do you have a relationship with football is it?

    No. No, I do not follow.

    - Well, let's go a little different questions at that time .. Is LeBron James or Kobe Bryant? Can you make a choice?

    My point is very different players, they are both very good.

    - Well, I change the question this way, which one do you want to play side by side?

    .. now I want to play LeBron James - Basketball Ersan not playing what would you do? very difficult .. Basketball have spent my whole life, it is very difficult to give an answer ..

    - Well, that upset you so much in his career, Do you have a game in mind?

    There, Poland, Greece national team set semi-final match and lost the chance to go the finals. I was so upset and I still can not forget to narrowly missed the finale.

    - we can not see, I think there's a big deficiency you wear on your head too?

    Sure, when I get the ball under the rim to make it better, and I'm trying to develop movements.

    - How to Milwaukee after the time spend in Istanbul and Barcelona? Are you happy with your life in the United States?

    Sure, of course. Been a long time now so used to here. 2005, draft since I've been here. I also met my wife here in Turkey, then this is the city I feel closest to.

    - How do you evaluate your free time?

    Too many do not spend time environment. Have time to spend time with my family, but rather is already busy day already.

    - Turkey Do you miss?

    Yeah, of course ..

    - Then finally, one day, do you have plans to return to Turkey? You want to play here again?

    Of course, it's always had a plan. Already during the lockout playing in Ephesus was so happy. One day, why not? If the NBA to play in Turkey is definitely looking very hot.

    Nothing we didn't already hear from Woelfel. Ersan just bummed out we keep bringing in more pf's at his position. But him not playing well early on in the season didn't help his minutes then Skiles changed the rotations. Ersan should be happy he got paid and gets minutes. Dalembert and Gooden haven't been playing. Henson finally got to play in the loss to the Spurs.

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    Guy is a bum. Got paid and took a back seat. Time to trade him to the Bobcats for Gerald Henderson

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