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    There are only 2 players on our team that should be on the court regardless of the circumstance at the end of games....Kidd and melo

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    Quote Originally Posted by D-Leethal View Post
    Yea without a doubt. That was basically the 'general' closing lineup. Guys like Shump, Novak, Amare will be out there depending on matchups and how they are playing that particular night and the score/unique game situation.

    IMO, Kidd doesn't leave the floor on either end, his IQ is just as valuable on defense as it is on offense and hes got his hands on some huge balls for us defensively in big moments late in games. Hes is a pest defensively late in games, just ask Sebastion Telfair.
    At the end of the game, all lineups must have KIDD, MELO, and CHANDLER. Kidd makes the best possible decisions for this team and is a coach on the floor. Chandler is the leader of our defense, and maybe the heart of our team, and Melo is well, Melo.

    The question is what do you do with Felton, JR, Amare, and Shump assuming all are full strength. The organization will give Amare every opportunity to be on the floor in this situation. Those are definitely orders coming from the highest levels.

    So depending on what we need we're looking at JR vs Shump vs Felton. Felton is streaky and in certain situations you just can't take him off the floor. If he's feeling it you generally know it. Then it depends what we need offense or defense. JR vs Shump. (This is all assuming Shump is full strength cuz if he's not its easy JR all the way.)

    My man Ike got a bad rap

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    Quote Originally Posted by Backstabber View Post
    I'm not saying JR is an all star, and not a victim of the moment. But last year was a freak year. Melo played the worst basketball of his career last year, we had zero PG presence. I would argue that judging JR on the 1/4 year that he played last year is unfair. Judge JR on the amount of total games he's played with the Knicks and weigh that against the total games Shump has played. That's more of a comparison.

    Shump will improve this team significantly, if he brings what he brought last year. But JR, is a lot more polished offensively. Woody has also placed a lot of capital in JR (for a reason), and it appears to be paying off. The statement was Shump is the NY Knicks best perimeter player second to Melo. My argument is not right now.

    Its alright to have the long view, but we live in the now. And right now you even agree we wouldn't run the offense through Shump, the way we are now with JR. Meaning Shump "has significant strides to make before he can said to be as good as JR"

    My long view argument has more to do with the fact that Shumpert is coming back from a major surgery and will be worked back slowly. And really just the fact that he hasn't done it yet. I wouldn't have thought JR could play this well this consistently until like last week, nobody in the world did. I think as playmakers/ assist men....Shumpert may be better. I think he has stronger handles than JR, and is more selfless. Has the ability to maybe play point as he learns the game.

    The bring different things, but I believe what Shump brings is more needed for this team. Bring up the late shots, but when fully healthy scoring isn't a problem with or without JR. Nobody can defend like Shump. Shump can run the Pick and Roll...I believe JRs one on one game is better, but his one on one game is also why I don't want him starting. Because in reality he isn't all that polished offensively...he has a really inefficient attack. The idea that Shumpert is the 2nd best came from Stephen A and Knick's sources, I think Felton is and that may be obvious, but I think what Shumpert brings is more important than JR also.

    As for who ends games. I think the only definite is Melo. Chandler may be close, but after that I think the game decides.

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