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Yes the Mets have to rebuild. But they don't have to totally ****ing suck and challenge the Marlins for last place. A NY team should be able to put an entertaining team out there even during the rebuilding process. And this team as presently constructed is not a 75 win team. It is worse than last year. We are looking at high 60's.

One last point. If you are going to have a mid-tier payroll for a sustained period you should charge mid-tier prices. The Wilpons think they can put their mistakes (or misfortunes for the most generous minded of you) on the backs of Mets fans. It won't work.
I don't see how we're 5+ losses worse than last season. Dickey is gone, yes, but Davis should certainly have a more productive season, the outfield will probably put up comparable production (I mean, how can they possibly be worse...), and we have improved at catcher. The bullpen is another place where we can hope for improvement, because again, it can't really be worse than last season. Francisco will hopefully be healthy, and perhaps we catch lightning in a bottle somewhere. Find me a successful 2012 team that did not get "lucky" with 1-2 of their relievers.

Obviously the rotation may be weaker, but full seasons from Harvey and Gee and potentially some contribution from Wheeler could help there. And Niese should also continue to grow.

I'm not saying we're good. But as of now I would peg us for a good 74 wins.