The overall voting results will be announced Wednesday at 2 p.m., with a player needing to appear on 75 percent of submitted ballots to be enshrined in Cooperstown and on 5 percent to remain on the ballot for the following year.

I plan to wait a year on Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds and Mike Piazza before placing them on my ballot.

As a Mets-specific writer, I'll offer a short reasoning on delaying a year on Piazza ...

While there is no smoking gun with Piazza related to performancing-enhancing drugs, there are enough things swirling around to at least cause me to pause for one year:

Back acne that you do not see on players today, and which appeared to clear up as testing was instituted.

Reporting to camp significantly thinner for spring training (with yoga instructor in tow) as testing began.

Tearing the groin muscle off the bone -- an injury suggesting he was bulked up beyond the norm.
This is just one example, but I read a few other guys who have left Piazza of their list this year. I am starting to really think he will not make it.

...but funny thing is he has Bagwell making it and Bagwell was a guy that many thought used roids.