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    Quote Originally Posted by SJ5382 View Post
    Surely you can agree that there are better ways to assess a team than wins and losses, considering how important luck is in baseball.

    No, not in the slightest, if you've won 74 games out of 162 games then you're a 74 win team.

    Luck is just another excuse for failure.

    You can make baseball stats say anything you want, there's so many of them, so many interpretations and approaches, I think fans fall back on stats when reality is too painful, "let's ignore the only stat that matters which is the standings and pretend we're a 90 win WAR team".

    The Orioles are not a great team but they found ways to win, over and over again, and that's all that matters, so did the A's. Not quite sure how Mets fans can talk about outlier seasons when we have won nothing since 2006, and been in the post season one since 2000 - how's that for an outlier?

    Too many baseball fans think the sport is played out on spreadsheets, it's not.
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